McFarlane’s DC Direct Page Punchers Figure Line, Soon to Punch Market

The fun under the sun will not be suppressed and will continue to punch people’s eyes and interest because McFarlane Toys will soon release the DC Direct Page Punchers, which comes packed with an action figure and a comic book. On the table, Todd McFarlane displayed the cool features of Batman, Superman, John Constantine, and Black Adam.

One of the most striking features of the bundle is an upgraded version of the four superheroes: John Constantine, Black Adam — the group leader — Superman, and Batman; these inclusions will punch your soul to buy the product. Batman is based on his Hush style, Superman is based on his DC Rebirth era look, Constantine is based in his earth 52 look – Trinity War version, and Black Adam is based on his Endless Winter look. The figures are 3 inches tall, the same as the DC endless heroes, which allows for more storage space; this is advantageous for collectors with limited storage space, as well as those who prefer little figures to large ones. The cheap price of the cool figures is the strongest punch to the people; for USD 9.99 you can get the satisfaction because aside from the figure you get an English comic book. Due to this new collection, fans will be more excited for the upcoming collectible classic heroes to hit store this 2022.

In conclusion, the product is not terrible for the price. It’s only USD 9.99, but you’ll get not only the figure and comic book but also the pleasure and fun of the punch of the DC Direct Page Punchers collection. The size and beauty of each figure will also benefit your home by adding aesthetic and extra hotness to the eyes of those who may see these toys in person. If I were you, I will get my own bundle of DC Direct Page Punchers collection to make me more motivated while sitting and sightseeing the paradise of DC Direct Page Punchers.

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